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We cannot afford an NDP-Liberal coalition government in Manitoba. We are already suffering from the NDP-Liberal collation federally.

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Manitoba’s economic future is now looking brighter than ever because of our PC Government. We’re getting things done by taking major steps to unleash our province’s economic potential over the next years. Not simply promises to get your vote. This week we committed to ending the payroll taxes. First introduced by the NDP, which they even increased.

We have already provided $30,000,000 to the Grace Hospital. We committed to eliminating the land transfer tax for first-time homebuyers. We are committed to helping seniors. A re-elected PC government will allow seniors to defer their municipal property taxes. The NDP and Liberals are planning to increase your taxes.

We’ve already made More investments to enhance safety and tackle rising crime. Our vision for Manitoba focuses on 3 key priorities:

1️⃣ Expanding markets for Manitoba goods and services

2️⃣ Encouraging employers to upskill their workforce

3️⃣ Making our tax system competitive

Let’s make Manitoba Better together. Vote Kevin Klein for Kirkfield Park on October 3rd.