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I wish I were surprised that no media outlet in Manitoba reports on the many successes achieved by our PC Government. We are delivering real progress and tangible results for all Manitobans. Manitoba is finally becoming a leader.

Our PC Government has proven to be a driving force for positive change and prosperity. Let’s delve into some key areas where the PC Government’s commitment to getting things done is evident.

  • More Manitobans working than ever before – averaging over 690,000 jobs in 2023
  • Full-time employment is up 4.2% in the first half of 2023, the highest among provinces. Furthermore, Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 4.3% in June 2023
  • Labour income is up 7.3% in 2023, the third highest among provinces. 
  • International exports are up 18.7% in 2023, the second highest among provinces.
  • Manufacturing sales are up 10.4% in 2023, the highest among provinces.
  • Manitoba also sees an increase in permanent and temporary international migration, with an increase of 37.9 percent. We are attracting skilled workers, strengthening Manitoba’s population and boosting economic growth. 
  • Overall, Manitoba has the third-fastest growing economy in Canada, after Alberta and Saskatchewan – but we have the fastest growth in the country if you remove oil from the equation.

Under the leadership of our PC Government, economic growth has been a top priority. Our government has attracted new investments and spurred job creation by fostering a business-friendly environment, implementing targeted tax reforms, and reducing bureaucratic red tape. Their forward-thinking policies have led to a surge in employment opportunities across various sectors, providing individuals and families with stable livelihoods and driving local economies.

Investing in infrastructure is crucial for any society’s advancement. Our PC Government has taken this responsibility seriously, dedicating significant resources to modernize and expand critical infrastructure. From roadways and bridges to public increased funding for transportation systems, these initiatives improve Manitoban’s quality of life and facilitate smoother transportation of goods and services, boosting regional development.

Recognizing the importance of education and innovation by enhancing funding for educational institutions and forging partnerships between academia and industry, we’re equipping the workforce with the skills needed to excel in a rapidly evolving global economy.

The healthcare issues didn’t happen overnight and cannot be fixed overnight. However, our PC Government is addressing healthcare challenges that require careful planning and execution. The PC Government has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing healthcare services by implementing strategic reforms that ensure access to quality care for all citizens. 

As the Minister of Environment and Climate, I am particularly proud that our PC Government understands the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices. We’ve embarked on ambitious initiatives to combat climate change, promote clean energy alternatives, and protect natural resources. By setting emissions reduction targets and encouraging eco-friendly practices, we safeguard the planet for future generations.

Sound financial management is integral to a government’s success.  I’m committed to fiscal responsibility, as is our team, which is evident through our prudent budgeting and efficient allocation of resources. By minimizing wasteful spending and optimizing public expenditures, we can invest in critical areas, such as healthcare, seniors, and education, without burdening taxpayers.

A compassionate government takes care of its vulnerable populations. Our PC Government has expanded social support programs to ensure that those in need have access to essential services. Whether it’s affordable housing, mental health services, or support for seniors, their comprehensive approach reflects a commitment to social inclusivity and well-being.

I’m proud that our PC Government has been making significant strides in delivering results and effecting positive change across various sectors in our province. Our dedication to economic growth, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, the environment, fiscal responsibility, and social support is evident in our transformative initiatives. By fostering innovation, embracing responsible governance, and actively engaging with citizens, our PC Government is setting an inspiring example for effective leadership and progress.

Imagine what we will accomplish in four more years.