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Top Priorities

Kevin’s Vision for a Better Manitoba

As MLA for Kirkfield Park, my top priorities are:

  1. Be a strong voice for the needs of Kirkfield Park
  2. Listen to you, and ensure your opinion is heard
  3. Crime & Safety in our community and City
  4. Affordability for all Manitobans Seniors & Healthcare
  5. Climate action

My priority is serving the residents of Kirkfield Park – and all Manitobans – regardless of personal politics. I love my job and desire to be a strong voice for everyone. Even though I was appointed to the cabinet, which is an honour, I will be a strong voice in the legislature for our community.The cost of living has skyrocketed. Taxes are high, and inflation is still a problem, particularly for families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Many residents are forced to choose between food and paying bills. That’s unacceptable. Also, people are worried about crime, which is fueled to a large extent by Manitoba’s drug trade and chronic poverty. Access to healthcare is still a challenge for some people. Residents are also worried about climate change.

There are no fast and cheap solutions, unfortunately.

Here’s my commitment: I will build on the progress already being made by my legislature and city hall colleagues on important files. Good ideas and people can be found across the political spectrum. The inverse is also true. I’ll continue building relationships with public servants across the province and country. I’ll bring forward new ideas and challenge policies that are bad for Kirkfield Park.

As a former Winnipeg city councillor and former chairman of the Winnipeg Police Board, I will continue my years-long task of pushing back against crime. That means taking criticism from opposition MLAs who are content with revolving-door justice. It means delivering outcomes that make our beautiful neighbourhoods safe. It means resolving safety issues on transit.

Healthy economies are not created through rampant tax and spend practices. Underperforming economies – and hard times – are often characterized by runaway deficits and inflation. I will work with legislature colleagues, and the community, to help resolve the affordability crisis. As Winston Churchill once said, “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up.”

On the healthcare file, I will support our health minister in the monumental task of creating world-class services for Manitobans. I will support healthcare workers and administrators. I will honour emergency responders with real action. I will continue my work with organizations like Homes For Heroes to help alleviate homelessness.

We need to celebrate our accomplishments when it comes to climate policy. Manitoba is in the unique position of having the resources, experience, and wherewithal to become Canada’s renewable energy powerhouse. I’m excited to keep building on this success as we work towards even greater efficiency. Our province is endowed with vast mineral resources that can help the world transition to cleaner technology. I’ll work with Indigenous communities and industry to move projects forward.

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