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I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for making our recent Community BBQ at Grants Old Mill a resounding success. Your presence and participation made the event truly special and memorable.

The turnout we witnessed was beyond our expectations, and we couldn’t have achieved such a warm and inviting atmosphere without each and every one of you. It was heartwarming to see so many familiar faces and new friends coming together to celebrate the spirit of our community.

Your enthusiasm and support added incredible energy to the event. From the laughter-filled conversations to the delightful aroma of grilled hot dogs, the BBQ was a true reflection of the close-knit community we are fortunate to be a part of.

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the volunteers who generously contributed their time and effort to showcase their classic cars at the event.

We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and had the opportunity to connect with your neighbours and fellow community members. Community events like this are the essence of building strong and lasting relationships, fostering a sense of unity, and creating cherished memories.

Please stay tuned for more upcoming events and initiatives. I am committed to continuing to strengthen our community bonds and making this a place we are all proud to call home.

Once again, thank you for being a part of the BBQ. Your presence made a significant difference, and I look forward to seeing you at our future gatherings.