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Stemming from the recent Manitoba Developmental Centre settlement agreement, the Manitoba government is establishing a $1-million endowment fund at The Winnipeg Foundation to support initiatives that foster and promote greater inclusion for individuals living with an intellectual or developmental disability.

The Winnipeg Foundation will permanently invest the contribution from the Manitoba government, and a portion of the income generated by the endowment fund will be granted to local registered charities for initiatives or projects that align with the granting criteria.

As your MLA representing our community of Kirkfield Park, I am pleased that our PC Government established this endowment fund, which is another step towards making amends for any harms experienced by individuals historically placed in institutions like the Manitoba Developmental Centre. The grants are designed to reduce barriers to community living by increasing resources available to community organizations to assist Manitobans living with an intellectual or developmental disability.

“The endowment fund is an investment in a better future for people who lived at the Manitoba Developmental Centre and for all people who are supported through institutional practices,” said Janet Forbes, executive director of Inclusion Winnipeg. “The history of institutions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities must not be forgotten. Recognition and understanding of the lasting impact of all types of harm is a step on the pathway to a future where all people are respected, and their rights as equal citizens are experienced and defended.”

The number of annual grants awarded through the endowment fund and the value of each grant is based on The Winnipeg Foundation’s spending policy, the income generated by the endowment fund, and the total number of eligible applications.

Grants will be awarded to registered charitable organizations in Manitoba seeking funding for a project or initiative that meets the following criteria:

  • educational programming related to the history of the institutionalization of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Manitoba;
  • inclusion initiatives that support assisted decision-making and support network development, in addition to other initiatives that support community living; 
  • projects that promote or support community inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Manitoba; and/or
  • training for people and agencies providing support for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Grants from the fund will be awarded beginning in 2024.