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You may not know something about me: my wife Heather and I have a blended family of six children and four grandchildren. We completely understand the financial struggles when raising a family. We see how the NDP and Liberals have made life unaffordable for our children.

Heather and I often worry about the fact that not all our children may not own their own home for years. We want our children and grandchildren to have a better life than we did.

Those who know me know that as your City Councillor, I fought hard for strong fiscal management. I pushed back every year when the council wanted to raise fees, property taxes, water rates and more without proving they adequately managed taxpayer dollars.

My commitment to fiscal responsibility in government is why I am proud that our PC Team will create bigger paycheques for all Manitobans.

We made it clear that a re-elected PC government will cut the tax rate on the lowest provincial income tax bracket in half over the next four years, representing a 1.35% tax reduction annually.

That means, for the average income of $50,000, that amounts to savings of $1,900 annually by 2028, or roughly the equivalent of an extra paycheque every year, providing long-term tax relief for Manitobans.

Wab Kinew and the Liberals want to bribe Manitobans with temporary measures— the PC Team is here to help you for the long term.”

The promised tax changes are made possible by solid provincial revenues, sound fiscal management, and the early results of economic development initiatives undertaken by the PC government.

I am delighted that we will balance the provincial budget by 2025 under a re-elected PC government. For those of you keeping track, that’s two years ahead of schedule, all while lowering taxes and making record investments into healthcare, education, and infrastructure across Manitoba.

It is no secret the unfair NDP-Liberal Carbon Tax is creating debilitating price increases for families and an inflation rate that is not sustainable. Our re-elected PC government will instruct Manitoba Hydro to immediately remove the carbon tax from all Hydro bills within the first 10 days of a new PC mandate.

A permanent income tax reduction each year for the next four years and a commitment to eliminate the school property taxes are real solutions for Manitobans. Solutions that will make life more affordable for your children and ours.