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During the recent bi-election, I heard from many seniors that we need to do more to help them afford and age in their own homes if they wish.

I’m listening and taking action!

We have been working to address both of those issues. I’m proud to commit to you today that a re-elected PC government will help seniors make ends meet by allowing them to defer some or all of their yearly property taxes and introduce new supports to cover the cost of mobility aids.

I spoke to many of our seniors in Kirkfield Park who want to stay in their homes as long as possible and lead healthy lives where they put down roots. But with the federal NDP-Liberal coalition driving up inflation and their cost of living, it’s getting harder and harder for them to age in place while living on a fixed income.

I know from my family that seniors struggle to pay their bills because the federal NDP-Liberal coalition is driving up inflation and the cost of living. It’s getting harder and harder for them to age in place while living on a fixed income. This new measure will help seniors more financially secure and keep more money in their pocket to cover essentials like food, transportation and medical costs.”

The median income for Manitoba seniors aged 65 and older was $34,800 in 2021. Through a new property tax deferment program, the provincial government would pay deferred taxes to local governments on a qualifying senior’s behalf. The money will be repaid when the home is sold, ensuring the program is cost-neutral.

Several such tax deferral programs already exist in jurisdictions across Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. A re-elected PC government will also introduce a new $500 tax credit to help cover the cost of equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs and improvements to their homes.

The liberals promise to raise your school property tax, the tax on your income will increase in most cases, and they promise to spend a billion dollars more annually to ensure Manitoba aligns with Justin Trudeau’s plan for Canada. The NDP promises hundreds of millions daily without detailing how they will pay for it. They raised taxes before when they said they wouldn’t. They will likely do it again.

I will continue to work with my colleagues to make life more affordable for all Manitobans.