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Kirkfield Park

Making our Community & Province Better

It is my commitment to listen to all residents in every corner of Kirkfield Park

To build a better community and Manitoba, we need to listen to you, not to respond, but to learn, and that is what is my commitment to everyone in Kirkfield Park. ​

I will invite experts who can provide factual information and answer your questions regarding issues and concerns in our community and province. ​

Please feel free to provide me with suggestions on experts, concerns, or issues important to you. Click here to visit my schedule of community meetings and coffee events. ​

I also would like to introduce Kirkfield Park resident Judy Saxby. Judy will help arrange meetings on specific issues with community organizations, churches, parent groups, professionals, and others. ​

We will be reaching out directly, but if your group wants to meet and discuss an issue, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime –