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As I knock on doors in our community, I hear how much families struggle because of the federal NDP-Liberal collation. This is why I am committed to being a strong voice that will stand up for our community, the people who pay my salary, in Kirkfield Park to make life more affordable.

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A re-elected PC Government will remove the PST from restaurant meals to make the cost of dining more affordable for you and give a much-needed boost in support to the ongoing recovery of the restaurant industry.

We have some great local restaurants in Kirkfield Park that need our support. Our community restaurants have faced hardship and uncertainty over the past few years. I know many people in our community who want to support the local restaurants and enjoy eating out with their families.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Manitoba’s small businesses in the hospitality sector say reducing their tax burden needs to be a priority for the next provincial government to support their recovery and economic growth. By reducing this burden, businesses say they will use the tax savings to pay down debt, increase employee compensation, and lower or maintain their prices, according to CFIB.

Today’s pledge builds on the PC’s vision for economic development and a more competitive business environment. This week, we shared our plan to create more jobs and attract more workers by making the cost of living and doing business in Manitoba more competitive. By making Manitoba more affordable with lower taxes, people from across Canada and abroad will be attracted to come to Manitoba and enjoy all the province has to offer.