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When I was elected as your MLA for Kirkfield Park just 8 months ago, one of the first meetings I was invited to was with a group of volunteers with Grants Old Mill.


I felt the group’s passion and commitment to preserving and restoring Grants Old Mill. I was all in at that moment. I believe Grants Old Mill is more than just a physical structure. It’s a window to the past, narrating the stories of our ancestors, cultures, and society. The Mill provides a tangible connection to history, allowing us to understand and appreciate civilizations’ struggles, achievements, and evolution. Preserving these sites is not merely a responsibility but an investment into a legacy for future generations.

Grants Old Mill has sentimental value in our community. It’s a landmark in the truest sense – a point of reference that fosters community cohesion and pride. Preserving this site will strengthen our community’s sense of identity and belonging, fostering a shared sense of history and purpose. And nobody could argue that Grants Old Mill serves as a gathering space for community and cultural events, celebrations, and many ceremonies, bringing people together and enhancing social bonds.

I committed to helping obtain Government funding to begin the preservation work. It’s an honour to have fulfilled this commitment, and I was happy to recently announce to our community that the Grants Old Mill board received a $300,000 grant from the province for the work needed to save and enhance this Kirkfield Park treasure.