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Heather Klein Lets You Know Who Kevin Really Is.

Heather Klein Lets You Know Who Kevin Really Is.

We live in a challenging world where misinformation and lies are more common than truth. I value integrity more than anything, and the constant attacks that Kevin has faced have caused much distress in our family. I would like to take a few moments to let you know who Kevin really is.

$500,000 Commitment to More Kirkfield Park Community Centres

$500,000 Commitment to More Kirkfield Park Community Centres

Listening to the invaluable voices of our residents has been truly enlightening. You’ve highlighted the urgent need for essential upgrades at the Kirkfield-Westwood Community Center and Allard Arena. I want you to know that your concerns matter deeply to me, and I am resolute in my dedication to securing $500,000 for these crucial improvements.

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin, an MLA devoted to empowering communities and driving positive change. Through resilience and compassion, he advocates for domestic violence awareness, engages with Indigenous traditions, mentors youth, and fosters transparent governance. Join Kevin in building a brighter future for all.

Top Priorities

As MLA for Kirkfield Park, my priorities are:

  1. Be a strong voice for the needs of Kirkfield Park
  2. Listen to you, and ensure your opinion is heard
  3. Crime & Safety in our community and City
  4. Affordability for all Manitobans
  5. Seniors & Healthcare
  6. Climate action

Some of Kevin’s Political Achievements

As your MLA

$226,000 for Sturgeon Heights Community Center

$140,000 for new Pickleball Courts in Woodhaven Community Club

$300,000 for Grants Old Mill

$150,000 for St. James – Assiniboia Minor Baseball Association

$70,000 for Deer Lodge curling club for their roofing

$25,000 for vision cheer company

$30 million to the Grace Hospital for 20 new beds in the ICU

Created the Kirkfield Park seniors' advisory group

Presented 10 Kirkfield Park residents with the Queen's Jubilee Medal

Funding to fix the roof at Deer Lodge Curling Club

$52,500 for the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

$33,000 for Westwood Community Church

$4,900 for Rotary Club of Winnipeg - Assiniboine

$15,000 for Sturgeon Heights Community Centre

$10,900 for God's Family Church

$22,400 for Historical Museum Assoc. of St. James-Assiniboia

$22,900 for St. James Assiniboia Minor Baseball Assoc.

As your City Councillor

Secured Homes for Heroes location and funding

Approved donation of flashing amber lights in School zones

Preserved 1000 acres of parks in the City

Saved the Westwood Library

Saved John Blumberg Golf Course

Added a park to the Oaks

Improved more parks in the ward than any councillor before him

Funded the Canoe Launch sign in the Oaks

Exposed issues kept behind closed doors

Emergency signal system on transit buses

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